Clearwater Gardens is nestled between the mountainous Dorrigo National Park and the clear waters of the Never Never River.

Our ambition is to offer good quality super fresh delicious organic food packed with health benefits to the local area and to grow as much variety as we can to support low food miles. We mostly grow heirloom/open pollinated varieties. It’s great to know about where your food is coming from and also it’s really nice and satisfying for us to know where the produce is going and to know the people eating the food.

We are passionate about sustainable living and agriculture therefore an ecological approach to farming is at the essence of our practices. We are serious about using environmentally friendly methods to grow food and are concerned with the welfare of our beautiful planet.

The benefits of growing organically using a diversity of crops are numerous, and our result is quality seasonal fresh produce and preserves. We are currently producing a very wide range that consists of mostly annual vegies. Our fruit orchard is maturing and gardens for perennial crops are being established. Animals are also a beneficial part of the farm however we do not have sales of animal products at this stage.

You can find our produce on our online shop, also at Kombu, Bello foodbox and the Bello Greengrocer. We are specialising in pre-ordered customised crops so if you are interested in ordering bulk produce from us we would be pleased for you to get in contact with either Jess or Lucas.

We also produce organic compost made from on-farm inputs as well as mulch bales for sale.