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Here is a food blog for ideas and recipes. If you feel inspired and want to share some of your culinary creativity with how you’ve prepared your veggies please take a snapshot and email/text pictures and/or words to Jess and I will post them here. It would be great to share ideas and tips to help us make the most of what’s in season, especially for the not so typical veggies to encourage the diversity. You could also recommend some links or recipe books if you wish. This is what it’s all about, eating the food, so I love the idea of sharing the results of what’s come from those wonders of nature little seeds. They are the very beginning of meal preparation.

I often refer to this book of salad recipes by Hetty Mckinnon. The contents are divided into plant families so it’s easy to find recipes of what’s in season and in abundance. The recipes are healthy and not too complicated. Jess

Hokkaido Pumpkin with Risotto filling.

June 20 by Jess

The hokkaido pumpkins are perfect for this and the skin is thin and edible too. One pumpkin serves two people.

Make a Risotto, scoop out seeds of pumpkin and stuff. Bake 1 hour. I made Risotto with mushrooms and homemade veg stock but I think silverbeet and fetta would be better.

Swede, Swede Leaves, Beetroot and Edamame with Lime Mayo.

  • June 11 by Jess
  • Cut 2 or 3 beetroots into chunks and roast with some oil and salt and pepper for 40-45 mins on 200.
  • Cut  2 swedes into small-med chunks and fry on med heat with some olive oil and salt for 8-10 mins. Add 4 cloves fermented garlic 5 mins after swedes go in, then 1 minute before you turn the heat off add 2 or 3 chopped spring garlics.
  • Boil leaves of swedes for about 6 mins, drain then return to pot to let some of the water evaporate.
  • Heat a handful of frozen edamame and pod them. Add with finely sliced pink radish
  • Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and dress with mayo mixed with lime juice
  • (I used edamame I froze earlier in the year but you could use cool season veg such as snowpeas/peas/broadbeans). The recipe I looked at used wasabi in the mayo too.